Commuting Essentials and Tips


As a college student living at home, I have to commute to my school. Now I live about, 45 minutes (about 37 miles) from my school, and that’s with no traffic. I’ve created this post for those of you commuting, or thinking about commuting; and I am providing tips based of my two semesters:

Fall 2016
So the first and most important thing when you’re thinking about commuting is your schedule at school. Make sure to time your classes accordingly, and most importantly TRY TO STACK EM. Try and take them back to back, and if that doesn’t work try not to have long gaps. My schedule last semester I had the exact opposite, I went Mondays and Wednesdays, my first class started at 11:30am-12:45am and then there was a gap until my 4:00pm-5:15pm class. Super rough, but I didn’t want to have to drive there more than twice a week. A major tip if you’re schedule is similar to mine, is always familiarize yourself with traffic and parking. Parking is awful difficult, especially commuter schools. It’s always important to leave at least an hour for parking, especially if you go late, around 8:00am to 9:00am. Additionally, when you are stuck in traffic, drive safe, and always look for the shortest route before you leave. I used the iPhone maps, and always prepared myself for traffic because I would leave at peak traffic time.
Spring 2017
So this is my current schedule for this semester; first class at 8:30- 9:45, second class at 11:00-1:50, and last class 2:30-3:45. Now I highly suggest you you make time for traffic and parking. Morning traffic usually starts around 7:00am, and and even then traffic is unpredictable with crazy drivers. This semester I tried to stack my classes as best as possible. However, I did leave a gap to eat. Similar to my first semester commuting, I packed a lunch. To get to my 8:30 class, I typically wake up at 5:00am, and leave by 6:00am. By the time I get to school, there’s usually always parking, but it’s always best to be safe due to the morning traffic. Traffic after school is much like leaving at five, if not a little better, just because instead of leaving at five I get home at five.
Below I have provided some essentials to bring with you while commuting, and some tips to make it easier.

Some tips for this type of schedule:
⇒Make sure to bring things that keep you occupied:
 When you’re commuting there’s going to be a lot of waiting; waiting to park, waiting during your break, waiting during class -always bring something, like your phone, laptop, a book, etc. It’ll help pass the time
⇒Bring chargers: Like, all of them. For your phone, your laptop, Kindle, bring all of them; because you’ll never know when one of them will die, and there’s always an outlet somewhere on campus.
⇒Make sure you have headphones: Most of the time when you’re walking around campus, everyone has their headphones in to pass time walking to class or waiting for their next class to start. It’s also a nonverbal way of saying “hey don’t talk to me”. I used my headphones during my gap to watch TV on my laptop, just so I won’t disturb anyone who was trying to do homework.
Pack a lunch: I always packed a lunch, because food is expensive. And if you don’t work, then you’ll be depending on your parent for one more thing. I usually packed a sandwich, chips, and a bunch of snacks for when I got hungry throughout the day. I also recommend investing in a Hydroflask. I bought this one, in purple, and it lasted the whole day. Just pack some ice, and it’ll stay ice cold until pretty much the next day.
⇒Have something to watch: Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, pretty much anything. Sometimes you finish homework early, or sometimes you just want to relax, it’s always nice to watch something.
⇒Find a radio station that you like:  I often listened to the Woody Show in the morning the first semester because it covered everything from celeb gossip, to news, to wacky surveys to engage the listeners.  This semester, I try and listen to Ryan Secrest and Valentine in the Morning, because their shows are usually on early in the morning.
⇒Bring blankets and pillows: This is for when you have loong breaks and you’re tired, or when you get to school really early. Depending on where you live, you should at least have 2 blankets, and a small pillow. I use the medium size Stitch Tsum Tsum, because it small, and shaped like a pillow.

These are just a couple things I did and made sure I had every morning before I left for school. Whenever I forgot something, my Hydroflask or headphones, it really sucked. So make sure you have cash on you, and try and find a semi- secluded area where it’ll be okay to listen to things on loud. Bring enough blankets, cause weather is craaazy. Commuting is tough, but hopefully with these little tips and essentials, ya’ll will get by just fine. 🙂

**Photocreds to Cassandra Calin



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