Short Girl Problems -How a 4’9 Girl Shops for Clothes


So what exactly qualifies someone as a “short girl”? I’d say 5’4 and under? I’m 4’9 and let me tell you, it’s rough. In this post, I’m going to specifically talk about clothing for short girls; problems, tips, ways to dress, etc. These are things I constantly have to deal with while looking for shoes and clothes, so hopefully it’ll help you!

⇒First of all you have to determine if you’re short because of your legs, or if you’re short because of your torso. This makes a huge difference when purchasing clothes.
⇒Shoes.Shoes.Shoes. Utterly important when you’re short. If you want to prevent yourself from looking short, shoes with heels are an essential. Not only does it make you look tall, but it also helps your confidence (well it definitely does for me). It can be any shoes with heel, if you wanna go for a subtle, everyday look, try booties (tall or short). I have a bunch of booties, they have a slight heel thats only about an 1-2 inches tall like these and I typically get them from Forever21; if you want something a little taller, I have a this pair. In the event that you’d like to wear something flat, flip flops, flats, sneakers, etc; I recommend against skinny jeans, as they will only make you look stubbier. Opt for shorts or boyfriend, or even a slight flare jean. All will minimize the emphasis of your shortness!
⇒Next, cardigans and sweaters. Like I said before, past your booty is a no-no. More so for those with short legs, but short torsos as well. Cardigans just amplify your shortness. If you’re looking to buy either, try to aim for the length to be above your butt (unless you wear heels). If you absolutely love skinny jeans and must wear them with some super cute flats, then my suggestions is wear a short top, maybe a crop top or one with a hem that ends just above the waist. However, there are some instances where wearing sweaters and cardigans below the waist. Typically it works with Converse and Vans, not usually flats such as Toms. It also works when you wear it with shorts, shorts do not amplify shortness as much as jeans would. Baggy sweaters and cardigans look great, as long as you wear it with the right bottoms!
⇒Pants, leggings, jeans, skirts, and shorts. Well, you should already have an idea of the pros and cons of jeans and shorts. Leggings, the same rules typically apply with jeans. Since they’re tight on the end, it has the same effect was jeans. However, black leggings, it isn’t as bad since black has slimming features. To be honest, leggings are my preference. I wear there with pretty much anything and everything (it’s not just workout clothes). But they usually work best with boots (even flat ones), with sneakers they have pretty much the same effect as jeans, just a little less. For short pencil skirts, I’m sorry but you can’t be a laid back chick and wear Converse and a pencil skirt, YOU MUST WEAR HEELS IN ORDER TO LOOK TALL. However, long skirts that go to ankle, you can most definitely wear flats and sandals –just make sure it’s with a crop top! It’ll definitely help you look taller! One recommendation is buy kids leggings! They’ll fit tighter like leggings are supposed too.
⇒Dresses, now, if you are short, it is incredibly difficult to find a dress that fits you just right. Often times I had to make alterations to make it fit to my body and height. If you are uncomfortable with wearing heels, it’s best to get a short dress, preferably above the knees. If the dress is too long and you’re wearing flats, it’ll make you look very short. For sundresses, I trick I’ve learned is to just purchase regular size clothing (usually large or extra large), and it’s just short enough to look like a normal sundress that cuts off mid thigh. Often times, if you choose to wear any type of heels with a dress, it’ll make you look just fine, whatever length it is. Just make sure it fits you’re body width accordingly and you’ll be good!
⇒Tops, now tops are kind of a win/lose type of deal. I think the best advice I can give is to not get them too long. **This is advice for short girls with large boobs: Halter tops are your BEST FRIENDS, they make your upper half slim, without making your legs look short. However, flow tops are not. They make your top half look way bigger than it really is.** But there’s not much to say about tops when you’re short. It’s usually a trial and error thing, like almost everything else. Tops are probably the easiest thing to shop for if you’re short.

And so those are my shopping tips for short girls! I know, it’s difficult for me to go shopping because of my height. And it takes awhile to put an outfit together; comfort or style? Comfort should usually win over, but there are times when you want to look nice, and feel nice(r) and so these tips are here to emphasize the best part of you! We’re all beautiful inside and out, and if this helps you feel better then that’s all it’s meant to do! 🙂


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