Excerpt No. 1


Hey everyone! So, as I promised, and excerpt of what I’ve been working on. Hope you enjoy! (:

Once the plane reached the landing strip, I could already feel the heat seeping through the windows of the plane. The blue, fake leather seats were sticking to the back of my thighs. The weather was predicted to be in the high eighties all summer. The woman sitting next to me was trying to relax her five -year-old daughter, who wouldn’t stop touching everything on the plane ride here. Her daughter was complaining about the heat too, and her mother looked exhausted from it as well. While I was dying to get away from this woman her bratty child, I wasn’t particularly excited to be living with my father.
I haven’t spoken to him in almost year after he blew up on me, and blamed me for his life crumbling to pieces. However, since then, he’s moved to Rome and got a job. My brother Alex and I never really knew what he did out here, but it paid for a two-bedroom apartment.


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