Excerpt No. 2


(P.S. That’s an actual photo gelato I got in Italy 2 summer ago)
Enjoy! : )

        There is a horde of tourists at the Trevi Fountain. Each and everyone of them trying to snap pictures with selfie sticks or throw coins to make a wish. Around the horde are countless strollers, and people just waiting to take their turn in front of the fountain. Aside from the actual stores, there are bootleg sellers with there merchandise sprawled out on blankets and folding tables.

           The whole area is chaotic and I decide that I’ll just wait till the evening when the piazza is empty. I walk along the edges of the horde and find myself in front of a gelato shop that’s surprisingly almost empty. There is only one worker, acting as both the cashier and the gelato scooper. The tour guide in front of me is trying to direct his group out of the gelato shop. He begins yelling something in Chinese, which causes all the people to shuffle out, carrying cups and cones of gelato.

            The only worker sits down and looks relieved that the shop is finally empty. I stand there for a little longer and realize he doesn’t notice me. My head can barely be seen over the glass, being that I’m barely five feet in my booties.