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To all my readers, glancers, followers, etc. I extremely apologize for my almost year long hiatus. I’ve gone through a lot in 2017, and that has prevented me from posting anything. Or rather distracted me. Seeing how many people actually viewed my posts in the past years makes me really grateful. I have a large plate of classes this semester, but I hope I can get back to blogging soon! Thanks for being there!



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The Flash Musical Episode

the flash

The musical episode this past Tuesday was by far my favorite. Here’s a few of the songs that I liked!

Moon River: Sung by Supergirl

Put A Little Love in Your Heart: Sung by Winn and Cisco

Superfriend: Sung by Flash and Supergirl

Runnin’ Home to You: The Flash (Barry Allen)

This episode I related very deeply too, makes me happy and sad. Happy because of the ending, but sad it’s not real life.

TVD finale still got my heart shattered.



It happened almost 5 days ago, and I still can’t get over the ending :'(. In addition, the music is really good in the last episode! Lot’s of nostalgia for the series, and lot’s of music I’ve been connecting to. I’ll write about the episode eventually, but for now here are a few songs you should definitely look up!

TVD Finale playlist (along with some old ones just because I heart TVD)

Never Say Never – The Fray (old IK)
Hold On – Chord Overstreet <–currently my fav
Take on the World – You Me At Six
Breathe Again – Sara Bareilles (ily Katherine)
Cut – Plumb (Stelena feels)
Chances – Five for Fighting (literally don’t remember what seen this is from, I just like it a lot)


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Hey everyone!


Soo, I have something to share with ya’ll. I’m writing a story. I had started it awhile back, but never finished it. I found it’s an excellent distraction for me. And so, I’ll be working on that a little more than this blog. I’ll try to keep up with it as much as I can. But it’ll be less constant. I’m sorry! I’ll post as much as I can, and maybe even provide little excerpts! Thanks to everyone who’s been viewing my blog, and I promise to keep it updated as much as possible!



Happy Noodles



There is a time and there is a place for sharing your feelings. For example, maybe you shouldn’t share your feelings when your mom is stress, and you want to tell her you feel like she’s treating you like shit. In that case, she’s just going to get more mad and completely disregard what you’re saying. Or you shouldn’t share your feelings that you hate how your boyfriend eats in front of his family at the dinner table. That’s just a big NO.

So when is the right time?

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Short Girl Problems -How a 4’9 Girl Shops for Clothes


So what exactly qualifies someone as a “short girl”? I’d say 5’4 and under? I’m 4’9 and let me tell you, it’s rough. In this post, I’m going to specifically talk about clothing for short girls; problems, tips, ways to dress, etc. These are things I constantly have to deal with while looking for shoes and clothes, so hopefully it’ll help you!

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