Welcome to My Blog! :)


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog! I am not going to disclose my real name, not only for safety purposes, but also so people won’t know who I really am. However, I’m currently a sophomore in college at a California State school in Southern CA, and I am majoring in biochemistry. Aside from school a few things I enjoy doing is reading, writing, binge watching Netflix, cooking, going to the movies and sleeping. I am a Disney lover, I enjoy the rain, and enjoy video games time to time (Pokemon Go anyone?).

Anyways, I started this blog as a way to express myself, provide tips that will not only help my readers, but hopefully my future self. I will be trying my best to update this blog constantly -whether it be a post about a book, movie or TV show review, a new recipe I’ve tried, relationship advice, or just about my day. I hope this blog will be able to lighten someone’s day.

So, I hope this blog picks up in the next few years, but for the meantime, I’ll just be posting for myself -aside from wanting to be a pharmacist, I would like to publish a book one day, and this will hopefully be a learning opportunity, as well as stepping stone to my goal. But anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I will writing it, thanks!